R.E.P is an acronym for Representing Every People. We launch R.E.P clothing apparel since the beginning of 2008 with a vision to send a message in the street wear and fashion community. That everyone can come together as one and enjoy the comfort and designs fresh from the streets. Our mission is simple, “One World, One Brand.”

At R.E.P we want to focus on the people who have passion and desire to try and make a difference in this world by way of supporting our community, cultures, and innovating the street wear fashion world because it is more than just clothing, it is a style of living.

REP was created to bridging the gap from every lifestyle, every cultural and every community aspects of the street wear fashion… diversity is a way of life. Creating designs that brings the message onto the streets and to the world of fashion is our priority, to touch people’s lives and make a difference in this world. It’s all about innovative design and style meets the present trend.

R.E.P is more than just a brand. It is a community, a cultural brand and a lifestyle. Here at R.E.P have always aimed to create and inspired clothes that build’s awareness. As a result of our quality and our message, the R.E.P community is growing. Now, everyone can showcase their styles and be proud of what the R.E.P brings to the fashion world, people from all walks of life will see that, no one should be judge on what race or world you belong to, because there is only One World and One Brand…